Windy City Days

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This past weekend we packed up the camper with all our new arrivals, hit the road and headed to Chicago for the New City Fashion Truck Festival in Lincoln Park. It was a journey just getting there with the endless traffic and construction. But we made it and had the best time meeting new people and sharing the love of mobile boutiques with our fellow fashion trucks!!

The festival featured several fashion truck vendors that had unique finds and adorable fashion looks. There was even a salon on wheels in a camper! We are one of the few fashion trucks based out of Northern Indiana, so it was exciting to meet and connect with other people who have a passion for fashion and traveling too!

We love to travel and bring our bohemian fashion finds to new places, we enjoyed being apart of the event, and appreciated all the love the camper got in the city!


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May Subscription Box

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This month’s box is focused on bohemian style with pieces that are filled with a variety of textures, free spirited patterns, layers, and lace. It features some of our favorite styles, tops and tanks with a lace trim, remixed and revamped to match this season’s trends.


As you can see our Boho Pretty Stylist’s tailor each box to fit the personal fashion tastes of our subscribers. This box keeps with this month’s style trends with  muted colors, lace details, and our favorite bohemian patterns. Our stylists also handpicked intricate jewelry to pair with the pieces that feature bright pops of colors and whimsical details.


Layered lace details are still a huge trend for this season! This striped tank is very versatile and has to be a favorite of our’s in the May box. To show the other ways in which you could fashion this piece, we simply layered a short sleeve top over the tank. With the peak of the burgundy stripes at the neck line and the lace ruffles sneaking out of the bottom the simple top is transformed. Our Stylists want to make fashion easy and versatile, we make sure to pick fashion trends that can be layered and worn in many different ways.


This is another bohemian trend for to look our for- stripes and lace. This piece is perfect to layer with and can be matched with any bright pop of color through the addition of a necklace, cardigan, leggings, or even a fun pair of shoes.


With warm weather finally here we stocked this month’s box with breezy bohemian dresses. This one piece features all the trends of this month- bohemian patterns, lace, textured embroidery, and lots of details in the fringe string ties.

Our Boho Pretty Stylists had a great time hunting for just the right pieces to feature in this month’s box keeping with our bohemian trend. As always we are already looking for the next set of trends to feature in next month’s box. Make sure to sign up for your own subscription box here on our website, and keep up with all of our events by following our blog and us on social media @bohopretty



April Boho Subscription Box


April is the time to renovate your wardrobe, put aside those heavy layers for lighter more vibrant pieces! With this month’s subscription box we included pieces that are fun additions to mix and match.


Not only are these pieces perfect for layering together, the textures and patterns can add a unique look to your everyday style. We selected pieces that have fun peplums, cut outs, and textures. These pieces can transform your look into the Spring season.

IMG_0246 (3).PNG

This chic ruffle peplum top is one of our favorite pieces in this month’s box! It is all about the details in this top- the asymmetrical cut, ruffle, and peplum creates a unique piece that will make your outfit stand out! The chic top can be very versatile as it can be worn dressed up or casual. To dress up this top simply pair with a pencil skirt, blazer, or a statement necklace. On the other hand it can be dressed down by pairing it with jeans, patterned shorts, or a simple cardigan. Its a great transition piece as it can be worn with layers for the cooler spring days and into the hot summer months as a stylish tank.


You can not look past all the details in this month’s subscription box! Every piece of clothing has a vibrant pattern or a fun texture. This theme did not end when it came to picking the accessories to feature. We choose to include our favorite simple geometric necklaces and a bold textured bracelet. These jewelry pieces are perfect for completing any outfit ensemble.

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Hello April


It’s finally April and Spring is upon us and as the saying goes “April showers brings… May floral print!”

We are so excited to give you the inside look of our much anticipated April Subscription box. This month we are highlighting all the new trends and fashion styles of the season. Focusing on floral prints, dainty jewelry, and fun fabric textures that are perfect to mix and match.

We also are featuring a new indie designer Lake Dayzz Home Decor and Refurbished Furniture!


Follow our Blog and stay tuned to learn more about the April Boho Pretty subscription box and Indie designer!

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Creating Your Signature Valentine’s Day Style

Hello there fellow Boho Pretty Readers,

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I have compiled a list of 5 signature looks that you can try out. Whether you have a smokin’ hot date, a girls only night or a romantic anniversary, maybe these looks will heighten the excitement about February 14!

1. The Romantic

The Romantic is for those hopelessly in love. It combines soft ivory or cream colors with lace or cotton. Think adjectives like: lovely, sweet and beautiful. This look is composed of a soft color palette, florals, intricate gemstones and killer shoes. Channel Audrey Hepburn all the way. Opt for subtle makeup choices that give you that glowing effect and take it from there. Remember, the romantic look is a blend of simple beauty and soft warm hues.

2. Edgy

There’s only one word to describe an edgy look: fun. When going for an edgy look, you can’t be afraid to just go for it. Challenge those fashion boundaries and put a new definition on Valentine’s Day style. Opt for the bold red or dark lip with this look. This look includes fresh unique designs, geometric patterns, cutouts and daring shoes. The shoes are the focal point of the entire look. Pair a cute flirty dress with fierce combat boots, laced heels or studded heels that let him know you’re not just an ordinary girl, no where close.

3. Feminine

The Feminine looks puts a fresh twist on the “girly-girl” fashion style. It mixes together beautiful a-line or scooter dresses, lace, bold prints, florals, short or long hems, low cut, high-necked or backless pieces. Opt towards makeup with rosy cheeks, glitter eyeshadow, lots of mascara and a beautiful pale pink lipshade. Pair your dress with a pair of classic heels or daring stilettos, your choice.

4. The Classic

20140213-154024.jpgWhen I think of classic, women like Kate Middleton, Jackie Onassis, Michele Obama and more come into mind. These are women who are not only the most talked about media wise, but also relating fashion. They have a unique sense that manages to use gorgeous couture dresses and create a timeless look out of them. If timeless is what you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day, then The Classic is perfect for you. Go for a dress with a simple cut, modest neck line and full skirt. Keep it classy and beautiful! Add to this look with a pair of pearl or diamond studs or jeweled drop earrings. Each simple touch makes every bit of difference and creates the timeless, classy look that he’ll remember forever.

5. The Casual Beauty

It often doesn’t take much to wow your man. Sometimes the carefree, casual and beautiful woman before him is all he wants, so give him that this Valentine’s Day. Don’t go all out. Keep it personal, endearing and perfect just for the two of you. Here are some looks that will help you out. Try out a simple summer dress, something simple, cute and elegant all in one. Also, smoking loafer flats are a great way to keep your look casual, trendy and cute. I don’t know about you, but flats always make me feel cute and dainty. Add a touch of style, a touch of makeup and subtly curl the edges of your hair, but other than that, the “real” special part of Valentine’s Day is that you’re there with him.

Each look is unique, but feel free to blend different pieces of each one together. Fashion is all about morphing your own personal style, taking from each style and making your own. I wish you a very memorable Valentine’s Day!


Camille Sarabia


5 Must Haves for the Perfect Boho Look


Welcome Boho Lovers. Honesty, what’s more special than a classic bohemian look, other than it’s anything, but classic. Bohemian is all about encompassing who you are as a person: that free spirit who is not afraid to take risks and chances in life and in fashion. The “boho” look coined by Rachel Zoe’s styling tips on celebrity fashionistas such as Nicole Richie or Sienna Miller have inspired young women to pair their favorite pieces and collaborate it under one beautiful look. You have loose fabrics, a wide assortment of prints and florals, wide leg pants, lace shirts, slouch leather or suede boots and of course your must have fave accessories.

Although bohemian is a mixture of many pieces of clothing, we will show you the five main pieces you will need to take you boho look to the next level.

1. Ankle Booties.

I am in love with ankle booties, but bohemian ankle booties aren’t like any other. They are edgy, rugged, slouchy, studded and have the slightly distressed look. The thing about the “boho” look is that nothing is ever perfect and that’s the point.

These boots have a small heel and rest just above your ankle, but it’s the detail that makes them special. Whether it’s the studs, buckles or style that catch your eye, these are the perfect footwear to complete your boho look.


2. Fringe Purse.

A woman never goes anywhere without her purse and with this handbag you won’t want to. It creates the effortless fun look that bohemian is with it’s light weight and fun fringe detail swaying in the wind. It doesn’t matter the size. They can be small little clutches or bigger purses slung across your shoulder. Either way, they work!


3. Lace Tunic or Dress

You can’t be bohemian without your lace, it’s what creates the blend of femininity with edgy effervescent look that boho brings. These tops or dresses are made of flowing fabric, lace and crochet detail and lots of patterns that make them special.


4. The Perfect Hat

To pull off a successful boho look, you’ll need the perfect wide rimmed hat. It’s not necessary, but in my opinion, hats just make things more fun. Choose a solid color suede hat to be paired with your beautiful boho look and protects you from the outdoors. It’s the must needed piece that “tops” everything off.


5. The Accessories

Before you grab your bag, granola bar and walk out the door, you’ll need one last part to complete your look, accessories. This includes:

& of course the much loved headpieces


These are the must have items for a great boho look, they are must needed items to store your closet with. Remember, bohemian has no rules, that’s what makes it so much fun to experiment with each day. So pile on the jewelry and loose fabrics. Have fun with lace, leather, suede, wide rimmed hats and headpieces. Cause under ordinary circumstances your may stick out, but under the bohemian style umbrella, well, you’re just getting started.

Stay Pretty:)


Camille Sarabia

The 5 Look Inspiration

Hey there readers,

Today I am going to introduce 5 key signature looks that perhaps is your area of expertise, a look you’ve been dying to try out or a look that makes you think “huh, I never thought of that before.”
And better yet, I will be introducing each look through one of my favorite models: the very own Karlie Kloss.

1. The Girlfriend


What you need to make the look work:

The Girlfriend is the epitome of girly. It is comprised of cute light fabrics, florals, pastels, ruffles and lace. For this look, you’ll need to channel your inner girly girl. Dig up or seek out a cute summer dress. Karlie wears a midi spaghetti strapped eyelet sundress, but to achieve this look you can also opt towards a flirty above the knee dress (scooter dresses work great) or even a maxi dress. This look is very innocent and natural, so keep your makeup and hair choice minimal and natural. The Girlfriend is intended to show off your best features, inside and out. Your signature necklace or bracelet, paired with cute pair of sandals or ballet flats will complement this look.

2. The Tom Boy


What you’ll need:

One piece of clothing you need to make this look work is a good pair of jeans. Whether it’s your favorite pair of faded boyfriend jeans or dark washed skinnies, you can pretty much do anything a pair of jeans. They key to making this look work is to use the right pieces to turn a pair of jeans into something chic while still keeping your casual look. My advice is so accessorize with everything else. Opt for a simple v-neck to go with your jeans, with something like studs or sequins on the shoulders. Always accessorize with your favorite belt, a skinny colored one or a neutral wide one. It’s always important to a little jewelry when dressing up a look. Go for your favorite bronze ring or long owl necklace. As always, a cute light cardigan or plaid flannel always completes the look. Remember to channel the smize of Karlie Kloss to finish off the look to your liking. Like any successful look, it’s always about the confidence. Once you have that down, anything can happen.

3. The Career Woman


Karlie Kloss is one fierce career woman in her career, but her she channels both the fashionable and determined woman, with her bohemian edge.  The key to a great career woman look is simple elegance.  That means lace trimmed dresses, studded or what is called the “peter pan” collar,

Peter Pan Collar
Peter Pan Collar

pencil skirts, vests or cardigans and heels that are classy, but aren’t over the top, like oxfords or penny loafers.

Oxford and Penny Loafer Heels
Oxford and Penny Loafer Heels

Keep the jewelry to a minimum, but always have a statement necklace with your blouse or classy watch.

4. The Risk-Taker

Karlie Kloss- Risk taker

No one can call themselves a “fashionista” without being known for taking a few risks.  Whether it’s mixing patterns, wearing a black dress with blue tights and pink shoes or pulling off the dramatic red lip in a casual setting.  This look is edgy, free and daring.  Keep it fun and fresh with leather pants, a dramatic top and “killer” shoes.  The point to taking risks in fashion is to avoid becoming boring.  You don’t want to be known for just one look, so don’t be afraid to play it up a little.  And if that look doesn’t work, then don’t worry, you won’t have to try it again.  How else are you gonna know otherwise?

What you’ll need:

Find a good pair of boots.  Whether these are a daring pair studded combat boots or fierce heeled leather ones, boots can instantly amp up the tension.  They take your from sweet and innocent, to the “I know what I’m doing” girl.  You want to keep your top a little flirty so that you don’t come on too strong, so either go for the Karlie Kloss backless look or accessorize with jewelry.

5. The Day-Dreamer

photo 3

I believe that a “day-dreamer” is the only way to perfectly describe this look.  It contains the best of the “girlfriend” by the girly and romantic feel that it brings, but is also very daring and trendy, like the “risk-taker.”

Here Karlie is wearing a long sleeved mini dress, a leather satchel, rusted orange/red loafer flats and a burgundy floppy hat.  The key thing about this look is that it’s very easy, almost effortless.  That’s the look you want to go for.  It’s the kind of look that you can easily put together in five minutes or less, but every piece chosen goes together and works.  It’s the combination of free and simple, but yet, everything about is trendy and chic.  For me, that is everything that Bohemian embodies.

So here’s a little inspiration to get all of you going to create a new fresh look for yourselves.  They can all be done with pieces that you already have in your closet, but it’s all a matter of pairing the right items together to get the look you desire.  Fashion should be fun and free to experiment with.  Let us know how the “fashion creations” are going.  Feel free to send pics of your favorite looks.

Stay tuned until next time.

Always stay pretty,

Camille Sarabia