On The Road Again

Hello Boho Pretties!

We’ve clearly not been the best at keeping up on this little Boho Pretty Blog. I mean what can we say. Along with chasing our Fashion Truck Dream we’ve also been chasing toddlers and having babies! This Mommypreneur business is no joke!

Our little camper does take us on so many adventures though and we probably should be doing a better job at sharing all of the fun!  We’re hoping to give you a glimpse of our journey from our roadside flat tires to the fascinating people we meet. We can’t make any pinky promises, but we will do our best to share more often!!!

We had a busy busy weekend last weekend from G-town (Goshen) to Chicago’s Randolph Street Market!

Happy Hour Sip & Shop at Gateway Cellar Winery with all of our favorites! We were also joined by some other pretty amazing business owners! Day la Sol Spa, Reflections of Health, and Seasonal Treasures.Thank You Gateway for allowing us to set up shop in your beautiful winery!

gatewaywinecellarbohoprettyevent   gatewaywinecellarbohoprettyevent2

We hit the road Saturday & Sunday for our very first Randolph Street Market in Chicago! We met so many cool people and amazing vendors from vintage toys and t-shirts to home decor from reclaimed wood. Oh and the free drink with vendor band was a nice little perk too! 

Time to hit the road home to our hubbies and babies…but not before we stop to take selfies with Oprah! 

IMG_0002 (1)


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We are a mobile boutique based out of Goshen, Indiana. We sell women's fashion and accessories out of a 1970 refurbished Shasta trailer! Won't you roll with us?!

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