7 steps to this must have spring trend!

Hi everyone!

Spring is finally here and Boho Pretty has the latest spring trend for you; High wasted shorts!

High waisted shorts are great for a simple everyday look, a cute outfit to wear out, or for a cute casual look. The best part about them; they are so cheap and simple to make on your own! Here are the simple steps to create your own inexpensive, cute, trendy shorts for the warm weather ahead!

1. Find high waisted jeans. Goodwill has a huge selection for a very low price

2. Once you’ve picked out your new jeans, draw a line across the jeans where you want them to be cut. (Always make sure the back is longer than the front)

3. When beginning to cut the jeans, begin by cutting a bit below the line, since you can always cut them more if needed.

4. Next, Take a sander, cheese grater, or even scissors and distress wherever you want around the shorts.

5. Once this is completed, try your shorts on and determine how much shorter you would like them to be. (Redraw a line with something that will come out easy like a pencil so you do not cut too much)

6. To add other cute trends, you can cut the pockets, cut lines across and pull threads out to give it a “ripped” look, or distress around the bottom edges with tweezers or scissors to give it a fringe look.  Sew lace onto your shorts for a feminine touch!

7. Finally, wash and dry your shorts, and before you know it you will have a new pair of cute trendy shorts!


Pair your new shorts with this simple and cute Boho Pretty Baseball Tee for only $19.Image

Stay Pretty!

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