5 Must Haves for the Perfect Boho Look


Welcome Boho Lovers. Honesty, what’s more special than a classic bohemian look, other than it’s anything, but classic. Bohemian is all about encompassing who you are as a person: that free spirit who is not afraid to take risks and chances in life and in fashion. The “boho” look coined by Rachel Zoe’s styling tips on celebrity fashionistas such as Nicole Richie or Sienna Miller have inspired young women to pair their favorite pieces and collaborate it under one beautiful look. You have loose fabrics, a wide assortment of prints and florals, wide leg pants, lace shirts, slouch leather or suede boots and of course your must have fave accessories.

Although bohemian is a mixture of many pieces of clothing, we will show you the five main pieces you will need to take you boho look to the next level.

1. Ankle Booties.

I am in love with ankle booties, but bohemian ankle booties aren’t like any other. They are edgy, rugged, slouchy, studded and have the slightly distressed look. The thing about the “boho” look is that nothing is ever perfect and that’s the point.

These boots have a small heel and rest just above your ankle, but it’s the detail that makes them special. Whether it’s the studs, buckles or style that catch your eye, these are the perfect footwear to complete your boho look.


2. Fringe Purse.

A woman never goes anywhere without her purse and with this handbag you won’t want to. It creates the effortless fun look that bohemian is with it’s light weight and fun fringe detail swaying in the wind. It doesn’t matter the size. They can be small little clutches or bigger purses slung across your shoulder. Either way, they work!


3. Lace Tunic or Dress

You can’t be bohemian without your lace, it’s what creates the blend of femininity with edgy effervescent look that boho brings. These tops or dresses are made of flowing fabric, lace and crochet detail and lots of patterns that make them special.


4. The Perfect Hat

To pull off a successful boho look, you’ll need the perfect wide rimmed hat. It’s not necessary, but in my opinion, hats just make things more fun. Choose a solid color suede hat to be paired with your beautiful boho look and protects you from the outdoors. It’s the must needed piece that “tops” everything off.


5. The Accessories

Before you grab your bag, granola bar and walk out the door, you’ll need one last part to complete your look, accessories. This includes:

& of course the much loved headpieces


These are the must have items for a great boho look, they are must needed items to store your closet with. Remember, bohemian has no rules, that’s what makes it so much fun to experiment with each day. So pile on the jewelry and loose fabrics. Have fun with lace, leather, suede, wide rimmed hats and headpieces. Cause under ordinary circumstances your may stick out, but under the bohemian style umbrella, well, you’re just getting started.

Stay Pretty:)


Camille Sarabia

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We are a mobile boutique based out of Goshen, Indiana. We sell women's fashion and accessories out of a 1970 refurbished Shasta trailer! Won't you roll with us?!

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