The 5 Wonders For Your Skin

Let’s face it. It’s November, which brings thanksgiving. Next comes December, which people mostly use to plan for the last week, Christmas. Next comes the new year. New blessings, new problems, new obstacles and new joys. However all of these emotional changes can’t be good for your skin. They bring stress, the weather change and the lack of Vitamin D. So, it’s time to think, what foods do wonders for my skin and how can I have more of them. You’re about to find out!

1. Avocados

Avocados do wonders for your skin. Why else would there be an avocado and oatmeal facial mask?? The truth is they are filled with fat, but the fat that you want. Monounsaturated fats, they’re called. They help maintain good moisture levels in your skin, leaving it looking glowing and healthy. The perfect blend of great skin. Here’s a great DIY for your own avocado/oatmeal facial mask at The Beauty Bean.

2. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are known as the new wonder fruit. They’re not the first fruit you think of, no that’s strawberries, apples, bananas, but concerning skin care, they are your new favorite “must buy” fruit. Pomegranates are age defiers. They are great wrinkle removers and leave your skin looking (and feeling) clean and healthy. Check out Burt’s Bees age defying pomegranate lotion with Shea butter or Pure Nature‘s Organic Acai and Pomegranate antioxidant night cream.

3. Green Tea

Why prolong the coffee addiction when you can transfer your attention to an alternative healthy, slimming, de-stressing drink that’s also great for your skin? Green tea is the wonder drink and you don’t have to worry about specially ordering it. Green tea is high in anti-oxidants, meaning that it counteracts oxidants in your body mainly produced from stress. It’s the perfect de-stresser. Any break outs that are stress induced can be greatly reduced from drinking green tea. It warms your body, purifies your system and reduces your stress and break outs. Make this drink your daily go-to drink. Get rid of the coffee, high sugar juices and put yourselves on a green tea cleanse.

4. Salmon

You see that wonderful light orange color with natural fats and a subtle shine, yep that’s your new best friend for skin care. Salmon is filled with Omega-3 fatty acids that protect against sun damage. It’s a healthy alternative to any meat and cooks in it’s own fat. So whether you want to cook it in a pan on the stove, bread and bake it in flour or throw it on the grill, it’s the perfect ingredient for skin care and it’s all natural. However, if salmon is scarce, which it shouldn’t be, at your grocery store, opt for Omega-3 or fish oil supplements.

5. Tofu

I hate to say this if your an “anti-tofu” fan, but it’s probably one of the best foods out there for your skin and why? It’s filled with vitamin E. Vitamin E is the miracle worker for great skin, some even take supplements to look great, but why should you take supplements when you can put it into your daily meal. Widen your culinary pallet with tofu soup, a healthy side or make it your main dish. It’s not only a healthy alternative to your roast beef dishes, but leaves you feeling and looking great. There’s a reason why other joined the tofu club long ago.

Each of these items are everyday products that are easily accessible, but produce “wonderful” results. The first step to feeling beautiful is feeling good about yourself. That means living healthy, having a healthy diet and treating yourself right, and if these steps just happen to give you glowing healthy and radiant skin, well, you don’t hear any complaints on our end.

Stay Pretty…


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