It’s September: the month of GOLD!

Welcome Boho Pretty Readers to the month of September!

With September, the month of autumn, comes the changing of leaves, weird bursts of rain in 80 degree weather and the emerging of leather boots and floral scarves.

However, it is always nice to have something else to appreciate, to put a reason behind your fashion choice. This month, Boho Pretty is supporting September as the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  We are truly inspired to be apart of a cause that is dear to our hearts and to use of love for fashion to make a difference.

Children’s Cancer is on the rise.  The numbers are slim, but they still exist.  According to The American Cancer Society, “About 11,630 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2013,” however fundraising and awareness is being spread nation-wide through a single symbol, the gold ribbon.  1174907_10151853370789617_7903298_n

This month, Boho Pretty will be joining this child cancer awareness initiative by rallying support from a fashion aspect.  Call it “fashion for a cause” if you will.


Boho Pretty is partnering with Mary-Catherine Krieger whose one-year old daughter Lucca has been battling cancer most of her life.  We are active in supporting Children’s Cancer through Boho Pretty and by sharing the word.  As this month is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month and they are represented by the gold ribbon, we will be introducing metallics, gold in particular, in your very own bohemian style.  It gives you a chance to look both fashionable for September fashion, but to also show your support for childhood cancer.

Now that we have officially entered into fall, September 22, fall sweaters are now permissible, and what better way is there than to embrace metallics for this fall season.  Their shine, shimmer and glimmer is metallics own personal “bling” for fall.  image

These sweaters are definitely eye-catchers.  The color itself is powerful, so keep everything else simple.  Opt for a pair of black skinny jeans and cute ankle boots.  The key to dressing is symmetry and balance.  Don’t wear the same pattern on the top and bottom and if your top is flashy with ruffles or a cute neck tie keep the bottom simple.  I also love to keep sweaters tied in with belts or sashes, these are cute accessories to add in.

In addition to symmetry and balance, often your shoes are what make the outfit.  You can keep your clothing at a minimum simplicity and dress your whole outfit with a pair of metallic heels or studded boots or cute metallic top capped flats.

metallic shoesToe capped flats are such a fall look.  They greatly complement a pair of high-waisted shorts or cuffed boyfriend jeans.  Wearing these you are instantly the very fashionable girl-next-door.  If you would rather not be the girl next door, a pair of heels can instantly dress up and outfit, whether it’s a pair of jeans or a nice dress.  Shoes complete the outfit and metallic shoes just make everything POP!

Boho Pretty has just received a new addition of fall scarves that we are loving.  They are simple infinity scarves that can be wrapped around a simple v-neck tee and jeans.  With your lovely Boho Pretty scarf and of course your complementing shoes, you can be dressed in 5 minutes and look highly fashionable and gorgeous all day.

boho pretty metallic scarvessequined infinity scarfInfinity scarves are a great way to improve any outfit and are perfect for fall and can be found here:

Now when accessorizing, what better way is do that than in a little bohemian fashion.  Boho Pretty loves to introduce new bohemian looks and accessories are just the way to do so.

gold accessoriesWith a cute braided or embellished headband, you can hold on to your signature bohemian style and support children’s cancer as well.  Their symbol is the gold infinity sign.  They make really cute bracelets too!infinity braceletFor all you beauty lovers, we have not forgotten about you.  Metallics is such a versatile and varying trend that it also transfers into makeup.  I have found that any metallic color, whether silver or gold, brings out any colored eyes.  eyeshadowciara metallic eyeshadow 2Metallics always have a great way of showing boldness, fearlessness and beauty, which are the exact characteristics we wish to display while supporting Pediatric Cancer.  For the children, we must show strength of our own and by proudly wearing gold this month, we are doing just that.  Join the cause by supporting Pediatric Cancer and children all over.

Stay Pretty!

– Camille Sarabia

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