Purdue Dance Marathon!

Hello pretties!

Today, we thought we’d share with you a great event that many of you have probably heard of, called Dance Marathon! Many schools and organizations hold this event, and the ones held in Indiana are to benefit Riley Children’s Hospital!

One of our Boho Pretty photographers, Alex, is a part of the Dance Marathon event for Purdue University, and we wanted to tell her story about why she puts in the time and effort she does!

Alex participated in PUDM (Purdue University Dance Marathon) last year, and absolutely loved her experience! Because of various commitments, her first Dance Marathon was as a junior in college. “I wish I could’ve been at each marathon. Since many of my friends were on the Riley Development committee, I got the chance to talk to some of the families, which made my first experience with PUDM even more impactful,” said Alex.

Riley Children’s Hospital helps many kids and families each year, and is such a great cause to support. Alex has a personal connection to Riley, and that’s what made her want to give back: “My favorite high school teacher had a daughter who was a Riley kid, and they thought she wasn’t going to live too long because she had a problem with her heart. Riley was able to help.  Every day I went to her class, I saw the hope in her eyes that her daughter was still fighting, where before there was no hope.  While her daughter was in the hospital, my teacher took photographs of her, not knowing whether or not they would be the last.  It was she who truly inspired me to become a photographer, because of her selflessness and her daughter’s story. I want to be able to give back to those families, just like hers,” said Alex.


PUDM raised $528,654.67 last year, and this year they are pushing for $1 million! Do you want to help Purdue University and Riley Children’s Hospital meet and exceed their goal?! CLICK HERE to donate now! Follow Purdue in their efforts on Facebook and Twitter!

Stay pretty, and donate to a great cause! =)

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